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Tim Benson VPROI

'Light, dark and color in the right places will create a painting. These variables are all within the artist’s control. The vision to elevate the image to something extraordinary is altogether more fleeting; something intangible that from one painting to the next is the source of elation but more commonly frustration. I strive to make an image that offers more than simple representation rather something with an emotive quality that captures the viewer’s imagination.'


Tim Benson VPROI b.1978

Educated at Glasgow School of Art and Byam Shaw School of Art from 1998-2001, contemporary artist Tim Benson has recently received recognition with his election as Full member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He is a practiced portrait artist and not only creates a distinguishable representation of a sitter but moreover evokes the subject’s character and mood. He ultimately leaves the viewer questioning the larger context, as presented in the surroundings and settings of pieces.

Tim regularly exhibits in solo and group exhibitions around the UK. He displays fine art portraits that stand on their own as collectible works of art and accordingly has established a large following and collector base. In addition to his fine art pieces, he accepts formal portrait and figurative commissions in oil or charcoal.

Tim is based at The Chocolate Factory studios in North London. He regularly invites sitters to the studio and also travels to subjects’ own environments to present individuals in their own private settings.

Studio 39, B204, Chocolate Factory 1
Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ

The Chocolate Factories in Wood Green, London N22, are a landmark development and hub of excellence for the creative industries in the UK.

The project started in 1996 when Collage Arts, an arts development agency, moved into the Chocolate Factory on Clarendon Road and converted several derelict floors of the Factory into artist studios.

What followed was a high demand for creative space and in 2002, Collage Arts renovated Chocolate Factory 2 on Coburg Road, next door.

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