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Luca Sang Jun Kim
My paintings are focused on materialization of the nature of painting. With large gestured each layer/skin/surface the form takes on a physical presence to finally claiming status as both painting and object, or both not. The paint as pictorial medium and also as material substance- this understanding of process is accessed from the sides where surprisingly slight variations in colour density become visible refuting any notion of mechanistic application or a concept of consistency of colour.

I have created the layered painting in which each layer of the painting is partially an expression of the previous layer, and partially an expression of the creative process which is incremental upon the previous states of the painting. Bringing fresh creative impulse to each ‘incarnation’ of the painting, the surface of the painting metamorphoses in an organic way where there is interplay between materials, time and ideas. Essentially it bringing a ‘process painting’ method to bear in my work, but in an evolutionary way so that the ontological signature of the work changes in an accumulative way as each exhausted idea is superseded by a new idea which has evolved out of the old.

Those works, is an expression of that experience in time and space (close and distance), a tension between the conscious and the unconscious, interact with the viewer in a multi-dimensional context, where the outcomes can never be anticipated and becomes a meditation on the nature of painting; they possess trueness and represent a reality as big as nature.

C307, Chocolate Factory 1
Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ
07944 024 801

The Chocolate Factories in Wood Green, London N22, are a landmark development and hub of excellence for the creative industries in the UK.

The project started in 1996 when Collage Arts, an arts development agency, moved into the Chocolate Factory on Clarendon Road and converted several derelict floors of the Factory into artist studios.

What followed was a high demand for creative space and in 2002, Collage Arts renovated Chocolate Factory 2 on Coburg Road, next door.

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