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Ruth Selig

Practising as an Architect for many years, I recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from the Cass London, Metropolitan University, where I majored in Printmaking.

My work is influenced by Abstract Expressionists, German Expressionists and Japanese wood cuts but all in a magnified scale. I am interested in process, construction and the built environment and use huge sheets of flooring linoleum as my printing plates. Materials readily found in buildings are dripped, scraped, painted, taped and stamped as gestural marks to resist the acid which eats into the lino plates. The process obscures some marks, with glimpses emerging ghost like from behind others, giving an illusion of depth and space - resonating with my architectural background.

In a way, my prints resemble wood cuts, yet the magnified scale and shape of the marks would be impossible to achieve in wood. Similarly the use of Japanese Hosho paper which is more suited to controlled and precise delicate wood cuts seems to be at odds with the modern utilitarian construction materials used to make the plates. Thus it is my intention to push the boundaries of traditional printmaking and seek a contemporary art practice drawing on ideas of scale, process, construction and the everyday.

Shown here: six etched linoleum floor prints on Japanese Hosho Paper: Flock; A Jetty of Lino; Rivers of Bitumen; Sea of Acid; A linoleum Wilderness; Splintering Wood


Ruth Selig studied architecture at Bristol University, practising as an architect for many years before graduating from the Cass, London Metropolitan University, with a First Class Honours degree. There she majored in Printmaking, winning the David Skingle prize for best printmaking practice 2013. She was short listed for the London Print Studio’s New Graduate Award, 2013.

Exhibitions include:
May 2014: Bainbridge Open, an open submission show of contemporary printmaking, The Embassy Tea Gallery
January 2014: 'Oh the Places You'll Go', Group show in celebration of 10 years of the Rowan Arts Project, Resource for London, Holloway
November 2013: 'Off the Ground', Group show inspired by nature, Resource for London, Holloway
June 2013: 'Studio Notes', Group Show, C4RD Centre for Recent Drawing, Highbury; February 2013: 'Fans of Feminism', Group show with Judy Chicago, Cass Gallery, London
Studio 37 unit B204 Chocolate Factory 1
5 Clarendon Road
Wood Green, London
N22 6XJ

The Chocolate Factories in Wood Green, London N22, are a landmark development and hub of excellence for the creative industries in the UK.

The project started in 1996 when Collage Arts, an arts development agency, moved into the Chocolate Factory on Clarendon Road and converted several derelict floors of the Factory into artist studios.

What followed was a high demand for creative space and in 2002, Collage Arts renovated Chocolate Factory 2 on Coburg Road, next door.

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